Hello, We are Nyala!


We help you validate your ideas fast, while providing you with a clean codebase and a sound architecture that you can take confidently into the future.

We will build you an MVP that you will love.

All while building #tech4good


MVP Builders

MVP Builders

You have an idea. We help you build a Proof of Concept in a matter of days, and an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in around three weeks, then clean it up and test it in the wild (and measure the results).

Coded with love

Coded with love

Our MVPs are not throw-away code. We are passionate about building good beautiful code with effective pragmatic architecture. We developed knowledge and expertise on doing it fast and efficiently.

We are personal

We are personal

We value personal collaboration over growth, scaling and mass producing. We are picky about the projects we take, and believe that good products emerge from good personal equal partnerships.

Beyond MVPs

Beyond MVPs

Our work does not have to stop with getting your MVP out. We train you - and your team - for the future, how to scale, what to consider and even hiring the right people to take you forward.

Our projects, typically, take between 4 and 6 weeks. It is not a "one size fits all" process, but normally we start with developing a User Story Map; This is an exercise that helps validate the idea and understand its core: the MVP. We often, happily, stop at this stage if the idea fails that test, or the MVP's scope is not clear. We then develop wireframes, and build a first POC in the first week or so. We then start an immersive iterative process involving developers, the client/partner and the designers (depending on the project) until the MVP is released.


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  • App
  • Web

Dawa Mobile App

Finding medicine in Sudan

React Native, Node



School Management App

React Native, GraphQL

Coming Soon


Platform for teaching programming

Gatsby, React, Node, Java



A publishing and e-commerce platform for a leading NGO

Gatsby, Stripe, Serverless



E-commerce platform for books

Woocommerce, Vue


How diverse are you?

Python, Node, Puppeteer, React, AWS


Who are we?

The core team of Nyala is three childhood friends from Sudan and Egypt. Life took us all around the world working as developers, designers, team leads in the Netherlands, Spain, U.K, S. Korea, Australia (and of course, Khartoum and Cairo). We loved working together since we were teenagers, and we continue to do so.


React, React Natice, Node, AWS, Agile
14+ years of experience working mostly with startups in Europe, with focus on React, Node and AWS.


UI, UX, Process, Product Vision
Our designer in chief. She works independently through the amazing hidden gem that is Meem Studios.


AWS, Java, React, React Native
10+ years of experince in one of the largest IT companies in S.Korea, then a team lead in Melbourne.

Join us?

We hire juniors only; women-first, Black-first, lgbtqa+ first, refugees and asylum seekers first, rejoiners, ex-offenders, returning moms... Basically, the folks that need a break and keep being a minority in Tech.

We aim to provide training and support to bridge the gap for juniors to enter the wider market, and help developers from developing countries get exposure to Tech and processes that might be hard to come by despite their talent.

We are not hiring until end of September, as we already found two wonderful interns Alaa and Vicky. Keep an eye on our social media and Jobs page.

We worked with

These are some of the companies our team worked with in the past. The products we built for them range from web-based internal systems, external websites with millions of visits, mobile applications for android and iOS and more.