Junior Developer Internship

2 months

We are not hiring at the moment

We are not actively hiring for this role now, but feel free to submit your CV to our database. As we grow, we will always be looking for junior developers, and we will keep you in our radar.

We’re a small company that specialises in building web and mobile applications. We build projects for NGOs and non-profit projects (in Sudan, South Sudan and E. Africa mainly), while also doing commercial work to fund us and that work.

The role is for a Junior developer (paid internship) building features for different projects we’re working on (React, Node, Git, Gatsby, AWS) - we will train you for the specifics of our tech stack but ideally you’d have a relevant background, and exposure to some of the stack (using Git for example).

Responsibilities and some facts:

  • Coding: a lot of it, mostly in React and Node on AWS
  • Content Management: Managing the content of several Content Management Systems (CMS), i.e. updating news and content for the websites and liaising with stakeholders (Basic HTML knowledge is advantageous, as well as interest in news, arts, politics etc...)
  • Learning: you will pair with us on tasks from setup of environments, CI/CD to developing features, writing tests, and learning about Agile processes and tools.
  • Communication: communicate effectively and timely (we use Slack mainly) to update us about your progress and any issues. Proactive communication is key.
  • Remote: the position is is fully remote. We don't have a physcial office (nor plan to have one), hence the previous point about good communication is even more important.
  • We expect a commitment of 25 (flexible) hours per week for three months.

For now, we only have space for two interns at the time: one of them is based in Sudan, South Sudan or Sub-Saharan Africa, while the other is a graduate of a coding school for underprivileged groups (i.e. CodeYourFuture, MigraCode, HackYourFuture etc..) or a self-taught developer. The second internship is - unfortunately - unpaid, but would only involve working on non-commercial open-source projects. We aim to change that soon once we have more income coming our way.

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